"concrete twin" are


"concrete twin"


not only shoegazers and post rocks understand various sounds with their own ideas, and make unique view of the world with their own sounds. Sometimes like violent, sometimes quiet calm sea. Invite drunkenness, tremendous sound pressure and huge guitar noise. And a group that keeps showing daydreams in ambiguous songs whose meaning is dissolved and melted.

 "concrete twin"


ShoegazerとTrip Hopの融合を企てるバンド。メンバーは、nenne(vo)、オカダ(vo&g)、michael(vo&ba)、U(drums)。北海道出身のオカダが05年に始めたソロ活動を17年1月にバンド化。東京を中心にライヴを開始し、18年メンバー交代とともに現在の方向性に変わる。 Shoegazer特有の轟音と儚さにTrip Hopの独特なビートと切ないメロディそしてオカダが生ま育った大地に匹敵するような空間的広がりを持つ音楽を多くの方に届けたいと活動している。15年に初のミニ・アルバム『those who are nothing』を発表(ソロワーク)。18年10月バンドとしての初音源『”Re:boots”sound source#01』を発表。そして18年2月には、『”Newblood”sound source#02』をドロップ、絶賛をもって迎えられた。音源は全てBANDCAMPにて入手可能。 


concrete twin is a band that merges the influences of shoegaze and trip hop. Members are Okada(vo,g), nenne(vo), Michael(ba,vo) and U(drums). concrete twin started out as a solo project by the Hokkaido-born Okada in 2005, turning into a full band by January 2017. Performing live shows mainly in Tokyo, the band changed their sound along with band members in 2018. with the characteristic exploding sound of shoegaze guitars, unique trip hop beats,heartbreaking melody lines and spacious arrangements that rivals the earth that nurtured Okada, the band continues to play and release music. Their first mini album “those who are nothing”, a solo effort by Okada, was released in 2015. The first full band sound source “Re:boots#01” was released in October of 2018, and their newest release “Newblood #2” was released in February of 2019. All music and songs can be found and purchased  on Bandcamp.







Okada > guitar,vocal,composer

nenne > vocal

michael > bass,vocal,composer

U > drams


nenne > vocal
Okada > vocal&guitar
Michael > vocal&bass
U > durms
Main photographer:Yoko Hiramatsu

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concrete twin live sound

I thought that I will no cry,If I become an adult.